I have a creative background completing my foundation and degree at Chelsea School of Art. Having been a professional Graphic Designer for two and a half decades, I am now focusing on my passion for painting since 2013.


I start by 'sketching' with loose washes of paint building up the layers whilst working on the composition. I have two approaches to my painting, filling the canvas completely with strong colour or using white as a way of blocking out what isn't needed but encompassing it as part of the overall painting. Texture and colour are equally important elements. My strokes and mark making move between loose to gentle, almost poetic. The process is about expressing not only visually but capturing the emotion of the moment. I often work on two paintings together as diptychs. My paintings reflect the way I see the world: colour, sensitivity, passion and emotion.


Landmark Art Centre Group Exhibition, London December 2018

BEAT West London 2018

BEAT West London 2017